Our Mission is to:

Enlighten the soul and mind with worthwhile knowledge

Entertain and bring joy into life

Energize passions to accomplish worthy goals

Enlighten | Entertain | Energize

Our Vision for 
Springfield, MO

The Problem

There is a lot of production talent in the Springfield area that needs to be organized and connected with each other.​

There are a lot of different non-profit groups and organizations that work to promote the arts, production, and creative work in general. Many of these groups don't know about each other or are aware of each others projects and goals


Many of these organizations need help promoting themselves in order to find the resources and people needed to make their projects successful

Running a creative business, while similar in many aspects to running any business, have specific requirements that only apply to creative works. These can be a stumbling block for most creatives to starting their own business or protecting their business after it is started.

The Solution

Creative Endeavors will work towards providing a physical space for artists and creatives to work, network, improve their skills, and have access to equipment and the studio space they need to make their visions a reality

We will help local creative non-profits to accomplish their missions by helping and supporting their efforts to run their organizations, source funding, and finding the right people to volunteer and help them succeed

We will strive to help prevent the creative brain drain from the area by promoting great pay rates for creatives, promote job opportunities, teaching creatives how to run their personal businesses successfully and building a local film industry to provide well paying jobs.


We strive to model ourselves after the amazing organizations, The Community Partnership of the Ozarks and The E-factory, by connecting the creative community and helping individuals and organizations learn the skills they need to be successful in their endeavors.

While we work on all of the above, we will also provide excellent video production services to the local area as well as work on providing online content through YouTube, Twitch, and other channels. By building these online portfolios and revenue streams we will build our team that will help us not only achieve business success, but also allow us to support the mission of connecting the creatives and creative industry in Springfield and building a local film industry to benefit all.