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Current Productions

Creative Endeavors shoots multiple weekly and monthly shows. Learn more about our current shows and find out how to start your own! Read on to learn more about our current shows…


Exploring the Ozarks

This weekly show highlights unique businesses and landmarks in the beautiful Ozarks region. Each episode runs 3-5 minutes and includes footage of the business or landmark along with interviews with owners or experts who can highlight the most fascinating aspects of the chosen subject. Exploring the Ozarks is our passion project, dedicated to bringing attention and business to the local gems we love. 

Past Productions

Sampling Springfield

Local Murney Realtor Brett Reinhart hosts this bi-monthly food and nightlife review, his personal brainchild inspired by the famous Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives by Food Network. After meeting with our team to work out the details and specifics, Brett was joined by our full production crew on-site so they could direct and film the pilot of Sampling Springfield. Brett gets to see his dreams come true as we post these videos to the show’s Facebook page, with new episodes premiering twice a month. 

Screen Shot 2020-09-26 at 4.11.04 PM.png

1 Million Cups Livestream​

We are excited to have 1 Million Cups producing their weekly interviews out of our studios. It is a privilege to assist them as they continue their mission to foster growth in new businesses by providing space to both network and learn. Join the 1 Million Cups livestream to learn about new and upcoming businesses in the Springfield area!

1 Million Cups is only one of several clients we provide high quality livestream services for. Livestreams are one of our favorite services to provide during the pandemic as we help businesses reach their target audience and stay in contact with the community. Better still, these services are available both at your site or in our studio, so reach out today to get the livestream your business deserves.

Local Connections

Local Connections is a brand new show, hosted by Murney Realtors, Cary & Sean Prater. We follow them to their favorite local spots to shed some light on the Springfield, MO area. Cary says, "We love our community! With so many local restaurants here in town, we are excited to be able to sit down and connect and 'Find What Moves Them!'"

The realtors currently run their show on Facebook, catering to the local community. 


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