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Digital Media


Content solutions customized to your needs

Professional Creative Services helping clients become digital leaders 

through Social Media Management, Website Design,

Graphic Design, & SEO.

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Social Media Set-Up

The best place to attract customers is on Social Media. Setting up the right pages can be a daunting task, so let us do it for you! 

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Search Engine Optimization

What's the point of having a great website if no one can find you? Let us bump you up in the search results with great SEO!

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Content Creation and Posting

Let us create a content schedule that aligns perfectly with your business goals and current online presence.

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Informational Video Series

Informational Video Series provide you with four videos (one for each week of the month!) personalized to your brand and voice.

Portfolio Web Design

Website Design

Customers judge a business by the look of their website. We know your business is great; let us show the rest of the world with a great website!

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Every business needs a great logo. Allow our designs to take on the task and provide you with a logo that leave a lasting impression.

Logo Design

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Google is an amazing tool to bring people to your business, and having a top notch Google listing will help you outshine the competition. Let us polish it for you with our quick turn-around service.

Google Listing

Social Media Set-Up

SM set up

With customer demographics split across the platforms, you’re going to need more than one social media account to optimize your online presence. Setting up your social media across multiple platforms is both intimidating and crucial, from discovering which platforms are best for you to making sure your business’s profiles are accurate and eye-catching. Don’t let social media overwhelm you -- have Creative Endeavors get you started today. 

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Did you know that the typical consumer using an online search never makes it past the first page of results? Improving your business’s SEO places your website higher in search results -- and the higher you are, the more your company will be seen. Don’t worry if you don’t know how to work on your SEO; we do. Creative Endeavors will work with you to understand exactly what your company offers and use those details to polish your SEO and improve your search rankings. 


Content Creation and Posting

CC and p

Posting to social media is both a time suck and brain drain -- what do I post and when? Is this eye-catching? How do I stand out from the crowd? You should be spending your time with your business and customers, not stressing over social media!

Enjoy peace of mind and the freedom to focus elsewhere with ready-made packages of graphic, standard social media content scheduled and posted by Creative Endeavors. 

Fashion Blog

Informational Video Series

Weekly shows

Consistent and personalized content is key to establishing a thriving online presence, but doing that can be a real stretch of your resources. With our Informational Video Series package, we provide you with four videos (one for each week of the month!) personalized to your brand and voice. Formatting available for YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and more. 

Want us to take other content creation off your hands? Ask us about our second-tier Weekly Shows package! It adds carefully curated content for posting in conjunction with the four videos that are sure to draw in your audience.

Web Design

Site Map

After discovering your needs we develop a strategic plan of how your new site should be laid out. This is a site map and just like it sounds, it is the structure and bones of the site.


Next, we will fill the pages with creative content that we customize to your specific needs.

UI/UX Design

User Interface (UI) design will ensure the audience will interact with the site with pure joy and ease. User Experience (UX) design encompasses the overall interaction when visiting the site. Each of these will ensure a high-quality website experience.

Responsive Website
web deign

Logo Design

No business is complete without a coherent visual identity, and solid logo design is the centerpiece of any visual brand. Creative Endeavors offers individualized logo creation and is delighted to make your branding dreams come true with any of our one color, two color, or full color services.


Google Listing

Your Google listing is the fastest, easiest way for new clients to find you, and it often exists whether you do anything with it or not. Don’t let a boring listing send customers clicking elsewhere; Creative Endeavors will make your listing eye-catching, informative, and appealing to bring those clients to you. 

Responsive Website
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