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Who is Creative Endeavors? 🤔

Who is Creative Endeavors? Well, we are glad you asked... Maybe you didn't ask, but hey you have made it this far so you must be a bit interested.

Since it is our first blog, what better way to start out than by talking about ourselves?! 😅

To describe us simply: We have fun and get stuff done!

For starters we began our company with humble beginnings; David (our founding Chief Visionary Officer) the all American family guy took what skills he had and started out as a real estate agent which lead him to the idea of becoming a real estate photographer.

But how does this lead to CE being a multimedia production company?

Well, David became pretty good at taking photos and decided he could do even more than photography. He also saw that Springfield, Mo had a pretty small market for multimedia. So he did what any great American should and he put his thinking cap on and hired some awesome people! And these people have created a creative work family. From a marketing branding manager to an amazing office manager named Mary. He also became the Vice President of the Film and Media Association of Springfield and begin filming things like 1 million cups meetings. This was all apart of David's master plan; to help bring people together in Springfield to create a multimedia industry.

Okay, but this still doesn't answer the question of what you guys really do?!

We Enlighten, Energize, and Entertain!

Our concept at CE is that everything that we produce needs to include at least one, it must either Enlighten, Energize, and/or Entertain. We want everything to inspire one of those qualities if not all three. From creating content for marketing to producing films that have been in film festivals we product multimedia content. Being a multimedia production company means that we handle creative dilemmas that trouble modern businesses, like reaching their target audience or if they need access to a production studio. That's where having a marketing manager and a production studio comes in handy. We can do it all!

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