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Real Estate Photography is where Creative Endeavors created our fundamental foundation. And it is still our passion!

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This service will provide a video tailored to the Sellers requests. Focuses on parts of the house and outlines a digital walk through in and around the property. Prices subject to size of property, desired length of video and additional requested content. Prices start at $100 and increase based on desired results.  

Real Estate Walkthrough Videos
Interior/ Exterior Photos

Photos of the interior and exterior of the property professionally edited and returned within approximately 24hrs


< 1,499 sqft $80  15-25 photos

1,500-2,999 sqft $100  20-30 photos

3,000-4,499 sqft $120  25-35 photos

4,500-5,999 sqft $140  30-40 photos

6,000-7,499 sqft $165  35-45 photos

7,500-8,999 sqft $190  40-50 photos

9,000+ sqft $190+ 45+ photos

Empty Lot Photos

Returns approximately 5-15 photos of the property and surrounding area. $60


Take it to the next level with drone work:

Drone Photography $75.00

Drone Video Advanced $125.00

Drone Video Basic $75.00

Drone Video Supreme $175.00

Twilight Photos

Provides a sunset/sunrise photo of property showcasing it in a way otherwise not seen. Using light to highlight important features, this service offers breathtaking views of your property. $125