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About Us

Creative Endeavors is the brainchild of our CVO, David Carr. David has always been a visionary with high-aiming goals and a creative bent. When he started doing professional real estate photography it quickly became clear to him that creative professionals needed a better voice in the marketplace, both so they could thrive and so other businesses could readily find the artistic resources they needed to brand, market, and share their products. Creative Endeavors was born. 

Our growing business focuses on hiring and maintaining creative talent while also offering space for other artistic professionals to collaborate and innovate in their own fields. We further offer our services to outside businesses so they can add a creative flair to their products and services, the sort of creative flair that draws the eyes, hearts, and loyalty of customers. 


Are you a business in need of a better online presence? Reach out to us for your photo, video, and other creative needs! Are you an individual creative professional or small team who needs space and equipment? Ask about our studio rental or warehouse desk space! Whatever your creative needs are, join us as we enlighten, entertain, and energize our way to success.

Meet the Team

David Carr

David is the founder and owner of Creative Endeavors and a graduate from Missouri State University. Starting out in Real Estate photography, David has a passion for capturing life's best moments through the lens of a camera and has turned that passion in a thriving business.


When not working he enjoys spending time with his family and building cosplay costumes with his wife.

Chief Visionary Officer

Join our Team

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Rent Space

We offer times to rent out our photography studio

We also offer C-Space rental: space for creative minds to work

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